So Who is Emme?

Emme is a kindhearted, loving mother of four that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Looking to curb the unhealthy snacking in her family between meals, Emme started making plantain chips. Why? Because in her native Nigeria, plantain chips are a common treat to have during the day.

While creating the snack for her family, she was struck by a thought. Why not share this find with her community? After long months of preparation, Emme had four original plantain chip flavors. After attending local farmer's markets, she realized she wasn't the only one after a healthy snack.

While she's happy to find support, she's even happier that she is helping people eat better throughout the day.


Try her plantain chips!

One crunch is all it takes! Try all our flavors to find your favorite.

I no longer live in the area but whenever I visit, I grab as many bags of Emme’s Plantain Chips as I can afford. Great variety of flavors that all taste great and are perfectly crispy!

Daniel A.

The masala flavor is supreme!

Maribell & Charlotte